• Real solutions for R&D projects
  • Incremental solutions that deliver immediate and increasing value utilizing feedback from end users
  • Cost effective solutions for the entire project life cycle
  • Advanced degrees in engineering and computer science
  • Real cloud migration and implmentation experience

Radix supports the full software system development lifecycle.  We help our customers from initial concepts of operation, and white boarding, to up-front and continuing systems engineering.  We develop requirements, leverage subject matter experts, and involve end-users and stakeholders in insuring that the mission needs will be satisfied in the most cost-effective and expedient manner possible.

We recognize that though our customers know their mission needs, the exact vision of what is necessary for software and automation to support that mission may be nebulous in the beginning.  Our software engineering efforts utilize Agile methodologies where short development sprints are used with longer development goals to deliver incremental and building value for the customer.  This method allows the user to adapt to changing requirements as the goals of the effort become more clearly defined.  Using the agile process we zero-in on the end solution in incremental steps delivering prototypes and increasing functionality until the goals are meet.

When customers know exactly what they want, Radix may alternatively make a full design proposal to deliver the desired capability in incremental or in full to meet customer requirements.
We then support the ongoing maintenance and operations phase of the program or product by addressing new areas of interest as new requirements are levied and insuring the system continues to operate at peek performance using DevOps concepts.

Radix also supports augmentation and re-factoring of existing systems.  Our engineers will perform interviews, assessments, and site surveys to help identify problems in existing systems and make recommendations.  We will then assist the customer to enhance, fix, or re-build existing systems to increase performance, adapt to changes in environment, and to decrease ongoing licensing fees for proprietary software utilizing available open source alternatives.

Our engineers and data analysis experts can also help our customers "Understand" their data.  When our customers have a Big Data problem we can help them leverage their data to answer their questions.  We leverage cloud and big data analytics to help analysis and report building, as well as automated tip-offs and alerts based on changing data as it is collected.