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We have a broad background in software systems development.  Radix has a unique mix of experience in algorithm development, geospatial intelligence, security accreditation, cloud architecture, high-speed data processing, data science, software development, system integration, and system deployment.

Advanced Algorithm Development


  • We work with domain experts to pair knowledge with pattern recognition, clustering and data mining algorithms and techniques
  • Problem Domains: Event Tracking, Anomaly Detection, Classification (natural language processing (NLP), biometrics, signal processing)
  • Example implementations: Hidden Markov Models (HMMs), Support Vector Machines (SVMs), Density-Based Clustering (KD-Trees)

Rapid Software Prototyping

  • Based on the customer’s strategic vision, we design, develop, test and field proof-of-concept software systems and solutions
  • Develop immediately needed capability and work with the customer to refine requirements for a full system implementation
  • Knowledge and use of public cloud infrastructure (Amazon Web Services) to quickly standup enterprise prototype and test environments
  • Utilize DevOps tools (Vagrant, Chef Provisioning) and agile development for rapid transition of R&D projects to real-world solutions
  • Incremental development process leading to fully operational product 


Moving to the cloud is more than just rehosting VMs.  Our seasoned experts understand how to leverage cloud technology to migrate, refactor, and utilize native cloud services and infrastructure to streamline, accelerate, and scale services and applications while watching the bottom line on costs.

Radix has a depth of real experience deploying, maintaining, and operating cloud services with Amazon AWS including: 

  • Hosting single page web applications

  • Deploying Microservices with containers using ECS

  • Server-less computing using Lambda

  • Conjuring Infrastructure with Cloud Formation

  • Elastic and Application Load Balancers

  • Virtual Private Clouds (VPC) Configuration and Security

  • Smart Provisioning and Continuous Integration


Enterprise Security Knowledge And Solutions

  • Enterprise Security Knowledge and Solutions (including open source options)
  • Public Key Infrastructure (PKI) integration with existing systems as well as implementation from the ground up in new systems
  • Lightweight Directory Access Protocol (LDAP) troubleshooting in existing systems and implementation in new systems
  • Single sign on (SSO) system development and implementation (e.g. Central Authentication Service, CAS, JSON Web Token)

Education Solutions

Radix was recruited by the Colorado Douglas County School District (DCSD) IT management to resolve deficiencies in their formal software development practices which led to recurring failures in production and repeatedly required herculean efforts by development staff to deploy working software baselines.

We became a preferred vendor contracted to help implement Agile software development methodologies and best practices while developing software solutions side by side with DCSD personnel for the 21st Century Education InspirED Innovation initiative.

Radix introduced Agile, DevOps, and Continuous Delivery software development methodologies to accomplish mission goals and adapt to changing mission needs.  Best practices were established for Source Configuration Management (SCM) by introducing the ‘git’ open-source product.

The Radix team designed a scalable software infrastructure for new development using open-source products and best-practices for RESTful web services, web user interfaces (HTML5, JavaScript, PHP, Drupal), single-sign on, server certificate management, load balancing, caching, database replication and failover, network configuration including Domain Name Service (DNS) management, and software messaging patterns for inter-process communication and coordination (enterprise service bus, ESP to interface with legacy systems not yet transitioned to the newer architecture, and light weight messaging (e.g. RabbitMQ) for newer components.)


Software SyStem Design And Implementation

  • Analysis and design of data structures and application programming interfaces (APIs)
  • Utilize existing open standards or identify gaps and help the customer community move toward adoption of those standards 

Legacy System Refactoring

Radix supports augmentation and re-factoring of existing systems.  Our engineers will perform interviews, assessments, and site surveys to help identify problems in existing systems and make recommendations. 

We will then assist the customer to enhance, fix, or re-build existing systems to increase performance, adapt to changes in environment, and to decrease ongoing licensing fees for proprietary software utilizing available open source alternatives.