Education Solutions

Radix was recruited by the Colorado Douglas County School District (DCSD) IT management to resolve deficiencies in their formal software development practices which led to recurring failures in production and repeatedly required herculean efforts by development staff to deploy working software baselines.

We became a preferred vendor contracted to help implement Agile software development methodologies and best practices while developing software solutions side by side with DCSD personnel for the 21st Century Education InspirED Innovation initiative.

Radix introduced Agile, DevOps, and Continuous Delivery software development methodologies to accomplish mission goals and adapt to changing mission needs.  Best practices were established for Source Configuration Management (SCM) by introducing the ‘git’ open-source product.

The Radix team designed a scalable software infrastructure for new development using open-source products and best-practices for RESTful web services, web user interfaces (HTML5, JavaScript, PHP, Drupal), single-sign on, server certificate management, load balancing, caching, database replication and failover, network configuration including Domain Name Service (DNS) management, and software messaging patterns for inter-process communication and coordination (enterprise service bus, ESP to interface with legacy systems not yet transitioned to the newer architecture, and light weight messaging (e.g. RabbitMQ) for newer components.)