—Providing cleared, seasoned, highly productive, professionals to assist customer programs

—Supporting The Entire Program Lifecycle

  • Planning, Design, Implementation, Deployment, Operations & Maintenance

Areas of Support

  • —Network Architecture & Management
  • —Systems Administration
  • —Software Architecture
  • —Data Analysts and Subject Matter Experts
  • —Systems Engineering
  • —Software Engineering and Development
  • —Software and Systems Integration and Deployment
  • —Software Systems Testing

—Experienced In Many Technologies and Techniques

  • —Agile Development Methodologies
  • —Multi-INT and Activity-Based Intelligence
  • —Cloud Computing
  • —Web and Thick Client Development
  • —Processing and Data Analysis
  • —Mobile Application Development
  • —DevOps, Continuous Integration, Test Based Development
  • —Systems Integration, Testing, and Installation

—Currently providing support on 8 IC programs and one Local Government program