Staff Augmentation

How can we help you?


—Providing cleared, seasoned, highly productive, professionals to assist customer programs

—Supporting The Entire Program Lifecycle

  • Planning, Design, Implementation, Deployment, Operations & Maintenance

Areas of Support

  • —Network Architecture & Management
  • —Systems Administration
  • —Software Architecture
  • —Data Analysts and Subject Matter Experts
  • —Systems Engineering
  • —Software Engineering and Development
  • —Software and Systems Integration and Deployment
  • —Software Systems Testing

—Experienced In Many Technologies and Techniques

  • —Agile Development Methodologies
  • —Multi-INT and Activity-Based Intelligence
  • —Cloud Computing
  • —Web and Thick Client Development
  • —Processing and Data Analysis
  • —Mobile Application Development
  • —DevOps, Continuous Integration, Test Based Development
  • —Systems Integration, Testing, and Installation

—Currently providing support on 8 IC programs and one Local Government program


We provide highly seasoned professionals with the necessary domain experience to add immediate and highly productive contributions to customer programs.

Out staff is always friendly, courteous, and easy to work with.

Radix staff are mission focused and work well alone and in integrated team environments.


Areas of ExpertiSe

  • —System & Software Architecture
  • —Network Design and Implementation
  • —Systems Administration
  • —Systems Engineering
  • —Requirements Analysis
  • —Interface Design
  • —Software Engineering & Development
    • —Design, Develop, Maintain
    • —Support for Legacy Baselines (older languages)
    • —Java Technology Base Support (Web & Thick Client)
    • —High Speed Data Processing & Algorithms
    • —Relational and No SQL Databases
    • —Modern Web Development (Javascript, Node.js, NoSQL)
    • —Refactoring & Modernization
  • —Software & Systems Integration
  • —Software Test
  • —System Installation Support

Business Operations Support

—Radix provides timely business operation support including

  • —Friendly and responsive contract and administrative staff
  • —Timely contract modifications responses
  • —Fast turnaround for staffing requests
  • —Integrated time keeping and accounting system designed to meet FAR standards
  • —Staff supports internal or external time keeping systems
  • —Provide weekly hours reports to CLIN level on request
  • Customized reports upon request or by contract
  • —Timely invoicing on monthly basis
  • In house FSO Security Liaison
  • In house HR Manager to support our staff
  • —Business Insurance
    • —General Liability
    • —Errors & Omissions
    • —Automobile
    • —Workers Compensation
    • —Employment Practices